IBD Strong

A Community of Support & Empowerment for Kids, Teens & Families
Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It's here! V'IBD Benefit Concert to Fight Crohn's & Colitis!

We are so excited to announce IBD Strong’s V’IBD Benefit Concert to Fight Crohn’s & Colitis Nov. 5th, 2022! Visit the event page today to purchase tickets, nominate a medical provider or youth for the Torch Bearer of Light & Hope Awards, or learn more about event sponsorship opportunities

You Are Not Alone

IBD Strong is a grassroots 501(c)3 not for profit organization that was started by kids and their families to benefit kids and their families. We are a community of light and hope inspired by extraordinary children and young adults living with and thriving through Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, together known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), in spite of their diagnoses.


Living with IBD or having a family member with IBD can at times feel debilitating and cause doubts, worries, fears and anxieties about the future. It is oftentimes accompanied by feelings of isolation and being alone.


IBD Strong understands that and is here to support children and teens living with IBD and their entire family support systems. We believe that every individual that gets a diagnosis of IBD deserves hope and deserves opportunities to thrive.

Don't Let It Define You

IBD Strong’s mission is to inspire and empower individuals with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) to not let their disease define them. We believe that each individual has the ability to develop resilience skills that can allow adversity to be used as a catalyst for growth and transformation.


At IBD Strong, individuals and families share their unique experiences in a community of connectivity and support, which inspires hope, builds confidence, lifts spirits and strengthens resilience. 

IBD Strong is...


IBD Strong offers programs built on the pillars of positive psychology and psychological resilience to provide hope and truly empower those living with IBD and their support systems. 


We provide children with direct access to peers who have gone through a similar experience and have found ways to accept their diagnosis, adapt to the demands of their disease, and thrive in spite of its unpredictable setbacks. 


IBD Strong is a community that strives to inspire and empower individuals with IBD to live their best life, to continue working toward their life ambitions and to chase after their dreams.

What Sets IBD Strong Apart

IBD Strong's V'IBD Teens is a Unique and Vibrant Community Driven By and For the Pediatric Patient Voice and Experience. 

Our V’IBD Teens Ambassador and Founder, Elie, recognized the need to have a positive community where kids and teens may meet each other, share their journeys and simply be who they are.  A safe space for kids and teens to go to whereby, in addition to supporting and inspiring each other through the lows of disease, they may celebrate each others’ highs.


IBD Strong’s V’IBD Teens was created by kids and teens for kids and teens and our V’IBD Events organized and run by this extraordinary group of young individuals on a quest to support, inspire and empower each other to not let their disease define them.


V'IBD Events

V’IBD Teens Ambassador and Founder, Elie, created V’IBD Events to provide kids and teens living with Crohn’s and colitis fun and exciting experiences and opportunities to meet each other and be inspired to get back to living their best life.


Kids and teens are invited to create an event based on their individual interests and passions and through IBD Strong, they have their peers support them in manifesting their visions.


In 2021, IBD Strong hosted our first V’IBD Benefit Concert to Fight Crohns & Colitis. For several of our teens it was their very first time getting back on stage doing what they love most, performing live music for you all, since the onset of their disease!

What IBD Strong Means to Our Participants & Their Families