2021 Event Highlights

Together We May Inspire Hope, Build Confidence and Strengthen Resilience.
Together We Can make a difference.

Why We Do What We Do

V’IBD Events provides kids and teens living with IBD opportunities to be supported in getting back to their lives and doing what they love and is meaningful to them.  Kids and teens are invited to create an event based on their individual interests and passions and through IBD Strong, they have their peers support them in manifesting their dreams. 


Our V’IBD Teen Ambassadors support that individual in creating their passion-based event with the support of entire IBD Strong community.


Our first concert emphasized creative arts and artistic expression. Our V’IBD Teen participants formed their unique V’IBD Teen Band and selected their performance pieces with the intention of using music to tell their stories. They used their voices to help raise awareness, express their feelings, and relay their shared IBD experiences and how IBD has impacted their lives. Their performances demonstrate the resilience they have built and the optimism they have for their futures.


Some of our performers returned to their love of music and performing and took the stage back on for the very first time since the onset of their disease. 

Annual V’IBD Benefit Concert to Fight Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

We are here for you. Thank you for being here for us.

Our first Annual V’IBD Benefit Concert was a SOLD OUT music-based family event organized and run by our V’IBD Teens in support of children and teenagers living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).


For some of our performers it was the very first time taking back the stage and returning to their love of performing live since the onset of their disease.


Together we were able to help kids & teens living with IBD return to their passion, build a community support system, promote optimism & awareness, and celebrate resilience.


Because of YOU and YOUR generous donations, we raised $100,000 to fund critical research for children living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We couldn’t have done it without YOU!!! 


Stay tuned for information about IBD Strong’s 2022 V’IBD Benefit Concert to Fight Crohn’s & Colitis!

Highlights Video from Our 2021 V'IBD Benefit Concert to Fight Crohn's & Colitis

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Award Recipients

Honoring Dr. Shervin Rabizadeh, MD, MBA

2021's Torch Bearer of Light & Hope; Extraordinary Human & Doctor Award

Dr. Shervin Rabizadeh of Cedars Sinai Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center was the recipient of our very first Torch Bearer of Light & Hope; Extraordinary Human and Doctor Award. This award recognizes dedicated medical leaders who go above and beyond the medical management of their patients’ disease.


Dr. Rabizadeh was honored for his exemplary and compassionate care of and research for children living with IBD and the life altering impact that this dedicated medical leader has on the lives of his pediatric patients and their families. He has been an inspiration for IBD Strong’s mission to inspire and empower individuals living with IBD to not let the disease define them. 

Honoring Serena Alyssa Melvin

2021's Torch Bearer of Light & Hope; Extraordinary Young Inspirer Award

IBD Strong’s very first recipient of the Torch Bearer of Light and Hope: Extraordinary Young Inspirer Award was Serena Alyssa Melvin.


Serena was honored for being such a great source of hope, inspiration and light to other young ladies, girls and all around anyone living with IBD and/or undergoing an ileostomy who aspires to love their bodies, chase after their dreams and do what is meaningful and important to them in spite of the challenging setbacks of their disease.


Serena currently serves as an Ambassador in our Someone Like Me: V’IBD Teens Peer Program and is available to mentor kids and teens living with IBD and, in particular, those who undergo an ileostomy and are in search of connecting with someone who understands the emotional and social impacts they may be faced with.  

Thank You to Our Generous 2021 Sponors

V'IBD Concert 2021 Gallery

Thank you to all who attended, performed and/or volunteered at, participated in and supported our launch V’IBD Benefit Concert to Fight Crohn’s & Colitis. We hope you enjoy the photos from this event!