Liat Samouhi


    Liat is passionate about ensuring that no one living with or caring for someone with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis feels alone. She is committed to building IBD Strong’s community of support that is empowered to make illness a catalyst for growth.


    While many organizations are working to find a cure, Liat believes families need to be strengthened in the meantime and her efforts in building IBD Strong are focused on improving the lives of those living with IBD and their families so that they can truly thrive until such time as a cure is found.


    As both a wife and mother to a husband and child living with IBD, LIat has experienced firsthand the heart wrenching devastation and distress associated with witnessing a loved one experience debilitating pain & suffering. She has also experienced the transformative impact that comes with having a community of connectivity and support; the light and hope that comes with disease management and the empowerment in drawing inspiration from others living with and thriving through this condition; The power of transforming one’s mindset and experience through community.


    Liat was determined to find her inner strength and purpose in accepting the impact that IBD had on her family and prevail as a positive force in supporting her loved ones through their respective journeys. In supporting her loved ones, Liat became determined to also raise the spirits of others when they lose hope. She is a strong force behind IBD Strong and is excited to now bring hope, confidence and optimism to others.