Liz Svatek

Mental Health & Mindset Warrior

    Liz Svatek believes women aren’t born warriors, but become them through radical self-acceptance. She inspires women to access their inner warriors through curated masterminds, coaching, speaking engagements and workshops. Liz hosts the top-rated Conversations With Warrior Women Podcast, where she interviews women across the country who have learned to LOVE their fear and leap for greatness personally and professionally. Liz is on the board of Moms in Office, Don’t Hide it Flaunt It, and the advisory board of the She Angels Foundation.


    Liz’s daughter Coco was diagnosed a year ago with ulcerative colitis at the age of 12.  This past October, 2021, surrounded by her dear friends, Liz’s daughter attended her first IBD event, IBD Strong’s V’IBD Benefit Concert to Fight Crohn’s & Colitis. She felt the power of being with a community of other teens fighting this debilitating disease and her friends saw first hand what this teenager was going through and how triumphant these kids are.  Coco saw she was not alone.


    This magical experience of community and hope inspired Liz to join IBD Strong’s team. She is excited to help IBD Strong build that community, inspiring young individuals with IBD to not let their disease define them.