Daniela Benloulou

Creative Director

    Daniela Benloulou is a Crohn’s Warrior who was diagnosed the same week she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Needless to say, this news came as a shock at first. After the initial panic mode, strength and perseverance came into focus. IBD didn’t hold her back from a career in interior design, launching her own design firm and raising two under two with very active Crohn’s. An LA native with a multicultural background, Daniela has never known simplicity in anything. IBD in many ways just feels like another task to deal with — which medicines to research, what is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, naturopathic approaches, lifestyle adjustments — it’s all jumbled up with design presentations, preschool PTA meetings, meal planning, and the constant strive to make home as beautiful and as comfortable as possible.