Cory Greenberg

    Cory Greenberg is a professional cyclist living with Ulcerative Colitis and Founder of Ride4IBD. As a young cyclist, Cory was diagnosed with IBD, putting his dreams of a professional racing career in question. During the worst of his condition, Cory was hospitalized, and doctors told him that a cycling career with IBD would be near impossible. Cory’s determination and will to not let his diagnoses stop him from achieving his dreams put him on a journey to set out and overcome his condition by finding a pathway to better health. Applying the lessons learned from his years of training, Cory assembled a team of healthcare professionals, coaches, and mentors to form a treatment plan. After his road to recovery, Cory achieved his dream in 2015 of becoming a professional cyclist, showing that anything can be done, even with IBD. Now living in remission, Cory has set his sights on using cycling as a platform to advocate for the IBD community, by creating Ride4IBD in order to help inspire others to not be ashamed of their diagnosis and to speak out about the struggles of living with IBD, while helping to encourage health and fitness for the IBD community.